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Terms & Conditions with a student for music tuition

This document provides information about Telford Music School’s requirements and expectations of you as a student. You should carefully read the whole document now. If you anticipate a difficulty for you with any element of this document, please contact the Music School who will discuss with you how best to resolve it. You must sign at the end to confirm your understanding and agreement. We recommend that you keep a copy for your records.

Standard Terms and Conditions Contract

1.1 By accepting an offer of a place at Telford Music School (‘TMS’) whose registered office is at 2 Tan Bank, Wellington, TF1 1HJ, you are entering into an Agreement (‘Agreement’). These standard terms and conditions herein constitute your agreement with TMS. You agree to abide by TMS's regulations, policies and procedures.

2.1 When a new student enrols with us at TMS using the Standing Order method of payment, they will be expected to complete a course of 46 lessons per annum. As a year consists of 52 weeks, 6 of these are not chargeable and allocated as holidays. A set fee is payable monthly regardless of whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month. Group and paired charged lessons will be agreed on enrolment.

3.1 TMS’s preferred monthly payment is by standing order, for security reasons it is believed this method to be the most reliable and safest. TMS will provide a form for you to complete and return. This will enable TMS to forward it on to your nominated bank. Other methods of payment include cash, or cheque. Payment must be received at the start of each month/lesson.

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed by TMS, all fees must be paid by the deadline set out in these Terms and Conditions. Interest may be charged on a day-to-day basis on fees which are unpaid after that time. Students may not be allowed to enrol on their course or, if they have enrolled, TMS reserve the right to refuse tutoring should their fees remain outstanding after the deadline.

5.1 If requested by TMS, you will arrange for a guarantor acceptable to TMS to enter into an agreement with TMS whereby the guarantor guarantees the payment of your course fees and, any other amounts due to TMS.

6.1 Any specific requirement or concern about any aspect of your education or progress, please contact your Tutor in the first instance. If there is no resolution you can then contact the Director of TMS.
6.2 Lessons will be provided on a regular weekly slot as per TMS’s timetable. Lessons will not necessarily coincide with academic terms. TMS keep this the same day and time wherever possible unless notified otherwise.
6.3 Lesson durations will depend on the nature of your studies: Group duration is one hour, whilst paired and individual lessons run for 30 minutes. To ensure TMS’s timetable runs smoothly it is essential allocated times are strictly adhered to.
6.4 TMS provide 46 weekly lessons per year with the remaining 6 weeks for holiday and bank holidays.

7.1 TMS use the following examination boards: London College of Music (LCM), Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRS), Trinity College, Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) and Rock School, who are all fully recognised with their qualifications being accredited by Ofqual (higher grades earn UCAS tariff points for entry to University).
7.2 Exams are available but not compulsory. Students will not be entered for any examination, competition or public performance without the prior consent of both the Tutor and the Student, or the Student’s parent or guardian.

8.1 In the event of you leaving the course for whatever reason once the course has started, no refund or part refund of the course fees can be given. You will be liable for any balance of course fees not received.

9.1 TMS attaches importance to courtesy, integrity, good manners and good discipline. Students are expected to take part in the activities of TMS, attend each teaching day, be punctual, work hard and be well behaved.

10.1 You hereby accept the authority of the Director and members of staff to take all reasonable disciplinary action. TMS reserve the right to exclude a student should it be deemed appropriate.
10.2 Investigation of a complaint which could lead to expulsion, removal or withdrawal of a student will be carried out in a fair and unbiased manner.

11.1 All forms of discrimination, including bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination will not be tolerated. TMS welcomes tutors and students from different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. We will do our best to accommodate the needs of students who have disabilities according to the current legal requirements.

12.1 Personal information is retained by TMS to help manage, understand trends, support TMS students and keep everybody informed and up-to-date with what’s happening as well as music education as a whole. We communicate through email, our website and in person. We do not sell, nor disclose private and confidential information to unrelated third parties. All information collected is securely stored.

13.1 TMS offers a music instruction for students and teachers including specific approaches, ideas, techniques, musical compositions, written, electronic and audio-visual materials and business or technical information. This is presented to you solely for your personal use. You will receive proprietary materials that, along with your lessons, ensure that you are being provided with the highest level of support that is possible. By signing this Agreement, you agree not to copy, alter, modify, reverse engineer, reproduce, replicate or create any imitation or abstraction, or attempt to derive the composition or underlying information. You declare that you will not use for commercial application, nor use it to influence the development of any music educational program that is intended for commercial application. You acknowledge and agree that there can be no adequate remedy at law for any breach of its obligations hereunder, that any such breach may allow you or third parties to unfairly compete with TMS resulting in irreparable harm to TMS and, therefore that upon any such breach or threat thereof, TMS shall be entitled to injunctions and other appropriate equitable relief in addition to whatever remedies it may have at law. TMS shall also be entitled to recover all costs, disbursements and legal fees incurred in seeking or obtaining enforcement hereof.

14.1 Information concerning the progress and character of a student will be given conscientiously and with all due care, but, to the extent permissible by law, TMS excludes any liability for giving such reports and/or references.

15.1 By enrolling on the course the Student authorises TMS and / or any associated company to publish photography and video content and any other materials relating to the student’s course of study with TMS and career thereafter in all territories for the purposes of publicity and promotion without restriction.

16.1 In the case of unforeseen circumstances, or if insufficient student numbers are enrolled on to a course, TMS reserves the right to cancel any course prior to commencement. A full refund will be provided to any enrolled student where an appropriate alternative course is not available.
16.2 To compensate for any
missed lesson (due to illness, holidays etc, when 24 hours notice has been given) a Catch–up will be provided. These can be taken at any time throughout the year when mutually convenient to maintain your 46 week programme. Under No circumstances will missed lessons or outstanding catch-up be used as a reason for non-payment of fees. TMS do not allow the carry-over of tuition from one year to the next.
16.3 A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change a booking. The full lesson fee will be charged if you do not
attend a lesson or cancel it late.

17.1 To terminate this Agreement with TMS one month’s paid notice is required. Missed lessons/outstanding catch-up lessons cannot be included for non-payment of the notice period.
17.2 Either signatory to this Agreement may terminate the Agreement by giving notice in writing to the other signatory at least one month before the end of lessons to take effect. Termination by one signatory may take effect at the end and not at any other time. If the Tutor gives notice to terminate tuition in accordance with this Condition, the Tutor will continue to provide lessons until the end of that Series.

17.3 If a student is expelled there will be no refund of fees and all arrears of fees and any other sum due to TMS will be payable immediately.

18.1 Students are responsible for the security, safe use and insurance of all their personal property.

19.1 Save for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, TMS does not accept responsibility for injury, other loss caused, or damage to property to the student, parents or guardians.

20.1 Any concern or complaint about your care or safety must be notified immediately to the Director of TMS.

21.1 This Agreement is governed by English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts as regards any claim or matter arising under this Agreement.

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